Career Counselling


It is the most challenging time in any student’s life when he or she is being asked to select appropriate career for their future ahead. The career selection is considered tricky because it has capacity to carve your dream path and also to destroy it if wrong career path got selected.

Each student belongs to different set of capacity, calibres and capability and therefore it is not required for son of doctor to be a doctor or the daughter of the lawyer to be a lawyer only. Correct career selection is the process to ‘know you well’ in order to ‘furnish you well’. Here the career counselling helps you a lot. We do understand that every student has birth right to develop his or her own place in world but to in order to do this, they might have correct understanding, in-depth analysis of their potential and their set of interest which also match up with their parent’s socio-economic credentials and so on.

The Magus Academy is here your ‘count on’ friend on whom you can rely completely. It is our years of experience, expertise and sheer understanding that make us superior in the field of career counselling. Here each student is taken as an impeccable package of strength and potentialities and we try hard to reveal their actual interest. We help them to understand required efforts, budget and thorough planning to meet their dream, also we make it possible they do embrace the suggestions whole heartedly.

Our core team is so fantastic in doing such analysis as they are highly qualified and professional psychologist, psycho analyst, motivational thinkers and speakers. They do SWOT analysis of each student, emphasis on their strengthen parts, teach them to deal with their weaknesses and lead them toward correct path of career or course selection which is best suitable for them.

What Career Counselling contributes?

  •  Learn More About Yourself
  • Identify Your Unique Skills And Strengths
  • Select The Right Courses In The Right Colleges
  • Make Decisions On Your Career Direction
  • Match Your Personality And Interests With Careers
  • Gain Valuable Advice On Changing Careers

The leading team of career counselling is

  • Ms. Maitreyi Joshi
  • Dr.Preeti Modi
  • Ms.Anushree Modi